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Braintree Integration

Braintree Integration


Braintree provides the easiest way to pay and get paid across any device. Braintree offers a high degree of customizability and invaluable services that make it ideal for forward-thinking app developers, social market-style businesses, and other Internet-based, tech-driven merchants. It also provides seamless, frictionless billing while maintaining access to billing information in a way that most providers don’t allow.
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What is Metricsco?

Metricsco is a customer retention platform. You send us your declined subscription payments and we tell you how to retry them with your payment processor so that they get approved.
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With Metricsco you can enable Braintree for your account in one click. With the flick of a switch you can send data to Metricsco from Braintree. Be up and running in minutes!

How does Metricsco’s integration with Braintree works?

When you toggle on Braintree in Metricsco, this is what happens:

Our platform will receive notifications for recurring payments that got declined by Braintree

We will process these declined transactions through our Decline Recycling Strategies

We will calculate the best way to retry these payments with Braintree

Our platform will then retry those payments with Braintree on your behalf

Getting started

1. Select the Braintree Connect Integration

Go to your Account Profile page and select the Payment Processor Tab.
Then select the Braintree Connect Integration.


2. Connect to your Braintree Account

Connect to your Braintree Account by providing the following information:

Merchant ID

Public Key

Private Key

Environment (Sandbox or Production)


3. Your integration is complete

Your Braintree account is now connected with Metricsco!


4. Update your Braintree subscription settings

If a customer’s payment method fails or is declined, their subscription status will change to Past Due.
To allow Metricsco to recover your subscriptions, please head to:
Settings > Processing > Recurring Billing (Found in your your Braintree Control Panel) and update the Recurring Billing Options in your Braintree account to match the following example:

Uncheck “Automatically retry failed transactions”


Where do I see my subscriptions ?

Now that you’ve connected your Braintree account with Metricsco, head over to the subscriptions page where you can view your subscriptions.