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Connectors – Use Cases

When you connect to your payment processor using any of our Connectors, Metricsco will receive notifications for recurring payments that got declined and then retry those payments on your behalf.

Using a Connector is the easiest way to get started and increase your retention.

We encourage you to review the following use-cases to make sure your business is prepared to support this life cycle (and all the additional revenue the comes with it…):

Get Subscription Updates from Metricsco (Activated/Terminated)

Metricsco will run your declined recurring transactions through our Decline Recycling Strategies and will calculate the best way to retry these payments.
While we are calculating and retrying your declined payments – the Subscription status is: In-Retry
Once we are able to successfully capture a declined payment, the Subscription status will change to: Activated
When a declined transaction is processed through a Decline Recycling Strategy that determines there should be no additional retries – the Subscription status will change to: Terminated

Click here to learn more about the the lifecycle of a subscription →

How do I get Subscription Updates from Metricsco?

There are a couple of ways to get subscription updates:


You can automate the retrieval of subscriptions updates via our API.
Please see:
GET Subscriptions method API reference


You can export Subscriptions data directly from the Subscriptions List page.
This page allows you to filter by Date Range (From/To) and Subscription Status.
You can export the information to different formats, inculding: Csv, Excel, and PDF.

Update Subscriptions Status at Metricsco

You probably allow customers to update their subscription status through your website or call center, and we want to make sure that we stop retrying a subscription after a status change.
For example, a customer may provide you a new credit card after their card got declined and you may have already collected the due payment manually.
In another case, a customer may choose to cancel the subscription after the card got declined by contacting your customer support.

How do I update the Subscription Status at Metricsco?

There are a couple of ways to update the status of a subscription at Metricsco:


You can always update the subscription’s status or any other subscription related information.
Please see:
Subscriptions method API reference
We also added a new API Method to update the status of a subscription:
Subscriptions status update method API reference

Manually through the Subscription List Page

You can update the status of a subscriptions directly from the Subscriptions List page.
You can get a list of subscription by by Date Range (From/To) and Subscription Status, or search for a specific subscription by ClientId.
Click on the ‘Edit’ button for the subscription you would like to update.
Then change the status and save.

One-time Sync of Subscriptions Status

If you are currently handling retry logic on your end, you have the option to update Metricsco with the current status of your subscriptions.
Simply export a list of your subscriptions that are currently In-Retry, including the unique subscription id and the number of retries processed so far.
For more information, please Contact Us