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Creating a pricing plan

Creating a pricing plan

To get started, you’ll need to set up a few pricing plans in your dashboard or via the API. The first things you’ll define are the price for your pricing plan and the billing frequency. For example, if you have two groups of customers — one group who are using Bronze features of your application for $9.99 per month and another group who are using Gold features for $29.99 per month — you can create a Bronze pricing plan and a pricing Gold plan in your account.

Each pricing plan has an unique id, which could be Bronze and Gold in our example. This value is what you’ll provide in API requests when you reference the pricing plan for a subscription.

Creating a Pricing Plan

In order to send a transaction, then, first we’ll need to create a pricing plan. There are two ways to do this: the first is in our dashboard, on the Pricing Plans tab of the user profile.

Alternatively, you can use our API to create pricing plans – Please see:
Setup a Pricing Plan method API reference

The Plan object

Pricing Plans have the following parameters:

Clientid: a value to identify the plan to the API. This ClientID is specified by you and must be unique across all the plans in your Metricsco account.

Name: a user-friendly name for the plan that’ll be seen by you in your dashboard.

RecurringAmount: what the customer will be charged per subscription per interval. For example, a customer might have a subscription that costs $29.99/month.

Interval Pattern: the billing period for the plan, which can range from a single day to a year. The interval pattern options are daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also use the interval parameter to set more customized intervals, such as billing a customer every 15 days or every 6 months.

Interval Length: The length of the Plan is the number of intervals that will re-occur

Pricing Plans with trials

Pricing Plans can begin with a trial period. The trial may be free of charge or at cost.
You can also set the TrialLengh and the TrialPattern.


Referencing Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans are associated with subscriptions.
When sending transactions through the API, you include a Pricing Plan Object within the Subscription Object. You only need to specify the ClientId value for this Pricing Plan.