Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to send full credit card numbers ?

No – Metricsco does not collect full credit card numbers. In fact, our API does not allow you to send us full card numbers.
You only need to send the BIN (the first six digits of the card number). The last 4 digits are optional.

What is a “Decline Recycling Strategy” ?

A “Decline Recycling Strategy” is an algorithm that analyzes your declined transactions and advise when and how to try these transactions again so the next time they get approved.
You would use “Decline Recycling Strategies” to maximize your decline recovery rate and increase your customer retention rate.

With Metricsco, you can select, build, optimize and A/B test “Decline Recycling Strategies” without I.T.
We have created a set of strategies that you can use out-of-the-box and test on your terms and timeline.
You can also create your own “Decline Recycling Strategies” or work with our experts to customize a strategy that maximizes your customer retention rate.

What Information does Metricsco collect?

The minimum information that you would need to send us is:
Payment Processor Name : The name of the payment processor you are working with.
Decline Code : The reason that the payment was declined. This code is received from the payment processor.
Amount : The amount of the transaction that was declined.
Credit Card’s BIN : The BIN is the first six digits of the credit card.

Metricsco can collect additional information that is used to optimize your retention.

For a reference, please see:
Transaction method API reference