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Integrating with Intelligent Payment Routing

Integrating with Intelligent Payment Routing

With Metricsco’s Intelligent Payment Routing, merchants can configure their own rules to decide on the best acquiring bank and MID (Merchant Identification Number) to process each of their credit card transactions.
Metricsco lets you configure an Intelligent Payment Routing Strategy based on multiple sale parameters including: currency, country, language, type of product, MCC code, Credit Card BIN (Bank Identification Number), pricing plans, and more. In fact, any parameter that is part of the transaction can be used to impact the routing decision.
But unlike other solutions, Metricsco also lets you configure what we call “Buckets” which represent your acquiring options as far as: Acquiring Banks, MIDs, MCC Codes, Currencies, and other acquiring factors.

Tip: To begin working with Metricsco, you only need to send a few pieces of information including: Payment Processor Name, Decline Code, Amount, and Credit Card’s BIN (The first 6 digits of the card). For a complete list of minimum information to send, please see here →

The workflow


Prior to processing a transaction, you use the Intelligent Routing method to decide with which payment processor to process this transaction, as well as and in which account, MID, MCC, Currency, etc.

This complex decision making is handled by Metricsco’s Intelligent Routing method which then returns a Bucket Identifier. This Bucket represents the Payment Processing account in which you should process this transaction.
You also receive in the response additional information required to process the transaction (for example: Processor Id, MID, APIKey, etc).

You then go ahead and process the transaction as advised.

Lastly, you send the transaction processing results to Metricsco via the Transaction Method.

The Intelligent Routing method

To use the Intelligent Routing feature, you use the Intelligent Routing method.

Tip: The Intelligent Routing method is very similar to the Transaction method, please see here →


For successful calls, the Intelligent Routing method returns HTTP response: 200 – OK, with the following parameters in the message body:

BucketId: The suggested BucketId in which you should process this transaction.

BucketName: The Name that corresponds to the BukcetId

AdditionalInfo: Additional information to be used when processing the transaction. You configure this information when setting up your Buckets. This information can include the unique parameters that identify this Bucket when processing transactions with your processors. For example: MID, APIKey, Account Number, etc.



The Transaction method

After you process the transaction with your payment processor, as advised by the Intelligent Routing method – you then send a Transaction to Metricsco to report the results to us.

When you send the request to the Transaction Method, please pat attention to the following parameters:

BucketId: This should be the same BucketId that you received in the response of the Intelligent Routing method, unless you decided to process the transaction in a processing account that correlates to another BucketId

ProcessingResult: If the transaction was processed successfully – send ‘True’, otherwise send ‘False.

API Reference

Please see:
Intelligent Routing method API reference

Transaction method API reference

Test-drive the API

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can Test-drive our API directly on the reference Page without even leaving the browser? Well, now you can, with our API Test tool.
Scroll down to the footer of the Intelligent Routing method API reference Page and click on the Test API button at the right hand corner.
All you need is your API Key.