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Optimal Payments Integration

Optimal Payments Integration

Optimal Payments

Optimal Payments is a global provider of online and mobile payment processing services to thousands of merchants and millions of consumers.
Optimal Payments processes billions of US dollars per year securely in and through over 200 countries and territories with over 100 types of payment and multi-currency options. Optimal Payments help consumers purchase and pay online with 100% convenience and confidence, and help merchants to reach out to more consumers, give them superior service and expand revenues.
Optimal Payments continually develop more innovative services to help consumers and companies worldwide.
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What is Metricsco?

Metricsco is a customer retention platform. You send us your declined subscription payments and we tell you how to retry them with your payment processor so that they get approved.
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With Metricsco you can enable Optimal Payments for your account in one click. With the flick of a switch you can send data to Metricsco from Optimal Payments. Be up and running in minutes!

How does Metricsco’s integration with Optimal Payments works?

When you toggle on Optimal Payments in Metricsco, this is what happens:

Our platform will receive notifications for recurring payments that got declined by Optimal Payments

We will process these declined transactions through our Decline Recycling Strategies

We will calculate the best way to retry these payments with Optimal Payments

Our platform will then retry those payments with Optimal Payments on your behalf

Getting started

1. Select the Optimal Payments Connect Integration

Go to your Account Profile page and select the Payment Processor Tab.
Then select the Optimal Payments Connect Integration.


2. Connect to your Optimal Payments Account

Connect to your Optimal Payments Account to complete the process by providing providing the following information.

Processing Credentials

Account Number – If you have multiple accounts and would like to configure them all under one profile, please contact our support

Store Id

Store Password

SFTP Credentials





Private Key


Where do I find my SFTP connection information?

If you are already receiving files from Optimal Payments, it is likely that you or someone in your organization is using an application called ‘WinSCP’ to download files from Optimal Payments.
Please copy the SFTP connection information from the ‘WinSCP’ application.

Note about the Private Key – The private Key must be in OpenSSH Format. If your Private Key is in PuTTY format, please see here how to convert: Click here to learn more →

3. Your integration is complete

Your Optimal Payments account is now connected with Metricsco!


Where do I see my subscriptions ?

Now that you’ve connected your Optimal Payments account with Metricsco, head over to the subscriptions page where you can view your subscriptions.