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Sending your first transaction

Sending your first transaction

Metricsco makes it easy to track and optimize your subscription data.
You simply send your recurring transactions as you go and let Metricsco build the subscriptions model.
There is no need to pre-configure or import your entire subscriptions base prior to beginning working with Metricsco.

Tip: To begin working with Metricsco, you only need to send a few pieces of information including: Payment Processor Name, Decline Code, Amount, and Credit Card’s BIN (The first 6 digits of the card). For a complete list of minimum information to send, please see here →

The Transaction method

To send a Transaction to Metricsco, you use the Transaction method. With a single method call, you include all the information necessary to track a subscription: Transaction, Plan, Customer, Card, Address, and Products.

Tip: Each object has an Identifier parameter (ClientId). You can either send the Object information (e.g. for an Address Object you can send the street, city, country, etc.) or you can just reference the Object with its Clientid (e.g. Address.ClientId = “1234567”). If you include both the ClientId value and additional information, Metricsco will update the Object record in our database with the latest information that you sent.


The Transaction Method responds differently if you are using the Optimization feature.

Response with Optimization disabled

When Optimization is disabled, you are using the Transaction method for Analytics.
For successful calls, the Transaction method returns HTTP response: 200 – OK, without a message body.

Response with Optimization enabled

When Optimization is enabled, you are using the Transaction method for Optimization.
For successful calls, the Transaction method returns HTTP response: 200 – OK, with the following retry parameters in the message body:

NextRetryDate: The suggested Date and Time in which you should retry this transaction

SpecialInstructionsCode: Optionally, the method will return a code that identifies a change you should make to the transaction when retrying it.

AdditionalInfo: Additional information to be used for the change suggested by the SpecialInstructionsCode.

SpecialInstructionDescription: A text description of the SpecialInstructionsCode



API Reference

Please see:
Transaction method API reference

Test-drive the API

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can Test-drive our API directly on the reference Page without even leaving the browser? Well, now you can,with our API Test tool.
Scroll down to the footer of the Transaction method API reference Page and click on the Test API button at the right hand corner.
All you need is your API Key.


View your transactions

At this point, there should be data visible on your Log page. You can access the Log page through the sidebar menu:

Notice how Metricsco scores the quality of your transactions’ data. The more data you send, the higher the quality of the optimization that we can do.