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Setting up a recycling strategy

Setting up a recycling strategy

To get started with subscription optimization, you’ll need to set up your Recycling Strategy. Your declined recurring transactions will be processed through this strategy in order to optimize the approval rate and increase the retention of your customers.

Turn Optimization ON

First, you need to make sure your plan includes the optimization feature. Optimizing is an add-on that can be added to any plan. You do so on the Account Settings tab of the user profile. Use the ‘Billing Plan’ menu item and then under ‘Add-On Features’ – turn the optimization ON:

Before you can set up a Recycling Strategy for a specific profile, you will need to turn ON the optimization feature for that specific profile.
You do so on the Account Profile tab of the user profile.


Selecting a Recycling Strategy

Once you turned on the Optimization feature, you can select a Recycling Strategy. We provide a variety of out-of-the-box strategies.


Click on the link below the selection box to review the available strategies and select the one that fits your model.


Tip: Customers that purchase an Enterprise Plan, can create their own Recycling Strategies or work with our experts to customize a strategy that maximizes their customer retention. Learn more